Pizzeria La Mina

was born in 1990 by Iñigo Sarobe, after a long preparation in different pizzerias and restaurants in Spain and France, Iñigo puts all his knowledge and good work in offering an Italian resturant in San Sebastián. Many years of work and love make La Mina pizzas, one of the best Italian restaurants in the city, we do not say it ourselves, our customers support us.

Home Delivery San Sebastian Donostia

We offer you all our menu at home, we take your favorite dish, pizzas, caneloni, entrecote, ... to any point of the city of san sebastian. Are you on the beach and want a Pizza La Mina? Do not hesitate, call us on 943 42 72 40 and we will take it to you.

Not just pizzas

Pizzeria La Mina Donostia San Sebastián, we have a great variety of pizzas, salads, meat, pasta, scrambled, and everything we take to your house. Home delivery of the best quality. Artisan pizzas, dough and fresh ingredients.